The D’Angelo 500 Series is suited to most transport applications; with over 40 years of on the road experience this model has more than proven itself – it’s a recognised product in the marketplace.

The D’ Angelo 500 Series fifth wheel has proven itself time and time again out in the field. With over 30 years of service in the transport industry it is now a well-known product in its own right. The D’Angelo 500 Series is still going strong because its guiding design principles, to be uncomplicated, economic and robust, are just as relevant today as they ever were. The 500 Series comes standard with an easy jaw adjustment meaning that maintenance intervals are fewer and thus off-the-road time is minimised and productivity is increased.

The 500 Series fifth wheel has also earned a reputation for long life foot bushes, again reducing downtime, and has plenty of oscillation available for those out of the way places.

Mounting Assemblies

Fixed Plate

Low Profile Ballrace
Double-Row Ballrace

12″ Greasy Plate

Fixed Slide Rail
Ballrace Slider
12″ Greasy Slider


Stock Crate
Low Loader
General Freight

Car Carrier


Complies with AS 1773-1990.
CRN No. 25080
ADR 62/02

Technical Data:
D-Value: 165kN
Weight (Top only): 110kg


  • 50mm Jaw
  • Various mounting heights
  • Easy operating release handle
  • Automatic safety
  • Large contact area
  • High stability
  • Easy access side grease points
  • Easy access jaw adjustment



Parts List


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