D’Angelo designed and patented mini-fifth wheel, together with their new style of mounting
procedures, has evolved transport applications into a new era. The Mini fifth wheel is the only
D-Rated mini-fifth wheel that can tow loads equal to a standard model fifth wheel.

The Mini is another design patented product of D’Angelo and can be used for practically any type of vehicle application. With its unique adjustable wear collar and heavy duty foot bushes, the Mini outlasts any other model in its class.

The Mini fifth wheel is fitted with an easy reach retractable release handle. This means at all times, whether hooked up or disconnected, the handle retracts against the turntable. This feature reduces the likelihood that the release handle is unintentionally bent, which can cause problems when reconnecting. The side mounted release handle and low profile design of the Mini also means it suits slide-back type trailers.

The D’Angelo Mini can be used as a towbar type configuration at the rear of a vehicle in conjunction with an underslung crossmember.

Mounting Assemblies

Fixed Plate

700mm Ballrace

12″ Greasy Plate

Fixed Slide Rail
Ballrace Slider
12″ Greasy Slider



Stock Crate
Low Loader
Slideback Trailer
Dog/Pig Trailer
Car Carrier

General Freight
Ag Trailer


Complies with AS 1773-1990.
CRN No. 28676
ADR 62/02

Technical Data:
D-Value: 190kN
Weight (Top only): 82kg


  • 50mm jaw
  • 615mm wide
  • 700mm diameter ballrace available
  • Secondary release handle
  • Greaseless option available (pictured below)
  • Easy access adjustment bolt and grease points
  • Two year structural warranty



Parts List

Greaseless Parts List

Additional Pictures