Pneumatic Kits

Pneumatic and hydraulic kits can be used for a variety of applications including assisting tipper tailgates, lifting bodies and actuating levers and locks. D’Angelo can supply and fit kits for all these applications and will also endeavour to help with designing bespoke pneumatic or hydraulic assemblies to assist any task you have in mind.

Controls can be placed outside or inside the cab as required.

Highlighted Products:
Pneumatic Tail Lift – pneumatic cylinders take the strain out of raising and lowering the tail for this tipper body.

Hydraulic Water Tank Lift – air actuated hydraulic rams allow this tanker to disengage from the tank leaving it free for other work.

Hydraulic Fifth Wheel – a new product designed for quick trailer movement in a yard or warehouse environment


Available Accessories

  • Pneumatic Kit for Trailer
  • Pneumatic Kits for Slider Rail