Mobile Truck Engine / Gearbox Stand

D’Angelo’s engine stands are built to order – and custom designed to lift weights that you specify. The engine stand is mounted on a steel plate base of your size requirements. Engines are mounted to the stand via a custom made plate designed according to your engine – or on movable sliding brackets – whereupon the engine can moved and rotated through D’Angelo’s tough gearing system.

The D’Angelo engine stand pillar can be mounted directly to the floor if required, but the floor plate allows the stand to be moved around the workshop – which makes for greater flexibility. The stand can then also be loaded on the back of truck and be used as a mobile stand or just to take it from site to site

Our own custom made gearbox has two brake systems to eliminate recoil from the gearing system which is a significant problem with existing engine stand gearboxes and can cause injury

The engine stand can also be used, of course, for mounting gearboxes or differentials.

Available Accessories

  • Custom loading
  • Custom size